tossutSo I had this big idea of running a marathon this year. Not gonna happen cause I have not been able to run as much that I should have.

For over a yeat now I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis in my left heel. Last summer when I climbed the Passo dello Stelvio it was at it´s worst. Last summer running was absolutely out of the question.

In autumn 2013 I always wore soft sporting shoes even in the office. Hard leather shoes only when it was absolutely necessary. Luckily the office policy allowed casual clothes so it was not a problem.

At the end of the year my heel was better. I started to have short 5-7 km runs and everything was ok. I thought that maybe a marathon is possible within next summer. Just keep on running!

January this year I made a mistake playing floorball with my colleagues. After that my heel was allmost as bad as it was in summer 2013. “Bye-bye to running a marathon”

At the time it´s getting better. I´m going to start having short runs carefully not to damage the heel more. At the moment I´m not thinking about running a marathon. I´m only consentrating getting back on my feet and running.



Can´t wait to cycle again!

My training week is now history and I´m waiting to get on a saddle again.

I think that one week in that place (Gran Canaria) is enough, cause otherwise one would only repeat the same rides. They are beutiful thou, but enough is enough.

Total riding distance was about 450 km. Including a lot of climbing, descending and team riding exercises on flat road. Flat means usully that you are climbing or descending some 1,5% – 2,5% all the time.

On the top of Pico de las Nieves

I have to check the total climbing kilometers from a friend of mine since I don´t have an altimeter of my own. The highest point of my training week was Pico de las Nieves which is 1948 meters above the sea level. Total amount of climbing on that ride was 2 450 meters. Here is my training data of that ride.

This week I´m going to rest and do only some recovering exercises. Exercises like eating. Energy consuption levels were high and my training load (according to is at it´s all time peak!

One thing I can recommend to all my fellow riders. ASSOS Chamois Crème.

One week of sweat and pain!

Yes, I´m back at the Canaries training for my goal with a group Finnish of cyclists. This is my first training camp with this group. Two of the three instructors are friends of mine and we have had some training together before this camp. It´s wonderful to meet new people with same interest in cycling.

So before I got here I had to back my Rose into my Evoc. Like I told you in my earlier blog post I had to unscrew Di2 battery back to fit the bike inside the bag. That was no big thing.

Actually it was very easy to fit the bike into the bag. I just had to remove the handlebar from the stem and fix it with velcro straps to the frame. Then I removed the pedals and lowered the seat.

There was plenty of room in the bag (and unused weight) so I packed my cycling and running shoes there with almost all of my sporting clothes. Total weight of the bag was 24,4 kg and the allowed maximum is 25 kg. Pretty nice!

We arrived here yesterday. I was at my accommodation about 3 pm. I quickly assembled my Rose and went for a short ride. I climbed about 10km out of the town to the nearest scenery look out place which is 480 meters above the sea level.

First climb is always something special. I was just thinking that I have the whole week of this ahead of me.

Today was the first real training day. We started with morning jog of little less than four kilometers at 7.30 am. After breakfast many in our group went to the Free Motion to get their rental bikes.

Three of us went for a morning ride of 30 km.

At 11.00 am we all gathered together and started our first ride together. Our goal was the village of Soria and total length of the ride was about 70 km. The village of Soria is about 650 meters above the sea level.

Weather has been excellent. Here the Meloneras temperature was above 25 (Celcius) already in the morning. Up in the mountains it was a little colder and cloudy.

On our way back we saw a big group of cyclists coming towards us. It was team Saxo Bank. They are training here at the same time.

A normal training week?

What is a normal training week?

Cycling season in Finland is not that long. Of course there are people who cycle throughout the year but I´m not one of them. Cycling is allways a physical training for me and I hardly do any commuting.

This year I drove my road bike in Finland from April to the end of August. I still have one riding week ahead in the Canaries and I´m counting days for my departure.

Short season means that I need some other excercises to keep up my condition. I´m not very keen in going to the gym to do weight lifting etc. Instead of that I do group fitness training and running. Running has always been hard for me. Still I started to run because I needed more variety in my training.

I don´t have an exact training schedule that I follow but from my online diaries in Heia Heia and I have noticed I usually have two harder weeks followed by an easier one.

I do indoor cycling (spinning) and BodyPump. Usually I take 2-3 indoor cycling classes per week and one or two times BodyPump. That means I usually have 4-5 hours of group fitness exercises per week. On top of that I run once a week. Usually my run is apprx. 11 kilometers and it´ll take me about one hour.

Yesterday I ran 10,6 km in 57 minutes. My average speed was 05:27 min/km, which is rather nice since I wasn´t trying to run particularly fast.

Is this enough training to gain my goal – the very top of the Passo Dello Stelvio? And is there a normal training week for somebody who doesn´t plan his training professionally?

Even without a pre-planned schedule I still have noticed achievement in my physical condition. Maybe I would gain more with a PT but now I´m quite satisfied with my training.

If I´m crazy enough to sign up for a marathon I will hire a PT.