tossutSo I had this big idea of running a marathon this year. Not gonna happen cause I have not been able to run as much that I should have.

For over a yeat now I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis in my left heel. Last summer when I climbed the Passo dello Stelvio it was at it´s worst. Last summer running was absolutely out of the question.

In autumn 2013 I always wore soft sporting shoes even in the office. Hard leather shoes only when it was absolutely necessary. Luckily the office policy allowed casual clothes so it was not a problem.

At the end of the year my heel was better. I started to have short 5-7 km runs and everything was ok. I thought that maybe a marathon is possible within next summer. Just keep on running!

January this year I made a mistake playing floorball with my colleagues. After that my heel was allmost as bad as it was in summer 2013. “Bye-bye to running a marathon”

At the time it´s getting better. I´m going to start having short runs carefully not to damage the heel more. At the moment I´m not thinking about running a marathon. I´m only consentrating getting back on my feet and running.



Happy new year – short summary of the past year!

The year 2012 is almost over and we are all waiting the new year eve´s celebrations. At least I am. I have some champagne in the fridge and a party to go to! Great!

Now it´s a good time to take a look to the past and see what has happened in the year 2012.

There are a couple of sporting highlights I would like to point out. These are no superman things but important for me as a non pro athlete.

My first running event!

My first ever running event was Helsinki City Run 1/2 marathon. I ran the 21 KM in 02h 04 min. I was very happy with my time, since this was my longest run ever!

Giro d´Espoo

I attended to the Giro d´Espoo cycling event in the end of may. I was planning to attend to the average speed group of 30 or 32 km/h but a friend of mine talked me over to join the average speed group of 35 km/h. I made it! My average speed on the 111 km leg was a bit more than 35 km/h!

First triathlon!

Well, it really was not a proper triathlon. 300 meters of swimming, 10 km cycling and 3 km of running. But it was great fun!

Two weeks in the Canaries!

I spent two weeks in the Canaries doing road cycling. You can read more about those weeks from here, here and here.

Summa summarum!

I allways log my training to Heia Heia. It´s very easy to get the total summary of what have I done in the past year. I can get that same info from PPT as well, but as you might remember I was without my HRM for about six weeks this year.

My total summary for the year 2012 is:

  • 193 exercises
  • 266 hours

And they included:

  • Indoor cycling, 77 times
  • BodyPump, 51 times
  • Road cycling, 2 340 km (but I don´t believe this. I think I´m missing 150 – 200 km there)
  • Running, 230 km

Total amount of calories burned: 153492 (+ those six weeks without HRM)

Happy new year everybody!

A normal training week?

What is a normal training week?

Cycling season in Finland is not that long. Of course there are people who cycle throughout the year but I´m not one of them. Cycling is allways a physical training for me and I hardly do any commuting.

This year I drove my road bike in Finland from April to the end of August. I still have one riding week ahead in the Canaries and I´m counting days for my departure.

Short season means that I need some other excercises to keep up my condition. I´m not very keen in going to the gym to do weight lifting etc. Instead of that I do group fitness training and running. Running has always been hard for me. Still I started to run because I needed more variety in my training.

I don´t have an exact training schedule that I follow but from my online diaries in Heia Heia and I have noticed I usually have two harder weeks followed by an easier one.

I do indoor cycling (spinning) and BodyPump. Usually I take 2-3 indoor cycling classes per week and one or two times BodyPump. That means I usually have 4-5 hours of group fitness exercises per week. On top of that I run once a week. Usually my run is apprx. 11 kilometers and it´ll take me about one hour.

Yesterday I ran 10,6 km in 57 minutes. My average speed was 05:27 min/km, which is rather nice since I wasn´t trying to run particularly fast.

Is this enough training to gain my goal – the very top of the Passo Dello Stelvio? And is there a normal training week for somebody who doesn´t plan his training professionally?

Even without a pre-planned schedule I still have noticed achievement in my physical condition. Maybe I would gain more with a PT but now I´m quite satisfied with my training.

If I´m crazy enough to sign up for a marathon I will hire a PT.