Cima coppi – 2760 meters!


I made it!

Today I reached the Passo dello Stelvio starting from the Prad side of the climb. All the 48 “tornantes” and apprx. 1900 meters of climbing. No wonder this is one epic climb amongst the cyclists.

Today the weather was on my side. It didn’t rain and temperature was not too high or low. Just perfect.

Instead of the basic statistics of this climb (information can be found easily from the internet) I’ll write about my clothing and accessories I had on me.

First of all the bike:

I had my own bike that is in original setup. Rose Xeon RS, Di2 with compact drive.


Protective glasses
Bib shorts
Sweat shirt
Jersey (short sleaves)
Shoes and socks
Arm and leg warmers


Small pump
Spare tire
CO2 valve and a cartridge
Pocket tool
Two botles

I was lucky enought not needing anything else from my accessories than the iPhone. I stopped couple of times to take pictures.

When climbing I had all the extra clothing in my jersey pockets. On the top I put my jacket on and before descent I also added arm and leg warmers. The gillet was only piece of clothing I didn’t need.

What next? That is a good question.

If I had more time on this trip I would take a bus on the top and then descent to Bormio and climb that side as well. But unfortunatelly this doesn’t seen to be possible this time.

I’m sure that I will be back in Tyrol in the future. This place has so many possibilities for a sports holiday!


Happy new year – short summary of the past year!

The year 2012 is almost over and we are all waiting the new year eve´s celebrations. At least I am. I have some champagne in the fridge and a party to go to! Great!

Now it´s a good time to take a look to the past and see what has happened in the year 2012.

There are a couple of sporting highlights I would like to point out. These are no superman things but important for me as a non pro athlete.

My first running event!

My first ever running event was Helsinki City Run 1/2 marathon. I ran the 21 KM in 02h 04 min. I was very happy with my time, since this was my longest run ever!

Giro d´Espoo

I attended to the Giro d´Espoo cycling event in the end of may. I was planning to attend to the average speed group of 30 or 32 km/h but a friend of mine talked me over to join the average speed group of 35 km/h. I made it! My average speed on the 111 km leg was a bit more than 35 km/h!

First triathlon!

Well, it really was not a proper triathlon. 300 meters of swimming, 10 km cycling and 3 km of running. But it was great fun!

Two weeks in the Canaries!

I spent two weeks in the Canaries doing road cycling. You can read more about those weeks from here, here and here.

Summa summarum!

I allways log my training to Heia Heia. It´s very easy to get the total summary of what have I done in the past year. I can get that same info from PPT as well, but as you might remember I was without my HRM for about six weeks this year.

My total summary for the year 2012 is:

  • 193 exercises
  • 266 hours

And they included:

  • Indoor cycling, 77 times
  • BodyPump, 51 times
  • Road cycling, 2 340 km (but I don´t believe this. I think I´m missing 150 – 200 km there)
  • Running, 230 km

Total amount of calories burned: 153492 (+ those six weeks without HRM)

Happy new year everybody!

Stavrota mountain, Lefkas

My first real climb was in Lefkas, Greece. This was in June 2011. I was having a one week holiday there and I had my mountain bike with me. All together I made four longer rides and they all included some climbs. But one ride was to the top of mountain Stavrota. The peak is at 1158 metres above sea level.

I started my climb from the village of Nikiana, which is on the Eastern bank of the Lefkas Island. My first goal was a small mountain village Alexandros, approx. at the height of 410 metres. The road from Nikiana was hard to find, because there was signs only on the other side of the road and they were covered with vegetation.

My mountain bike Rose Count Solo 4, year model 2011. It has Sram X9 groupset and Easton wheelset.

One of the first bends. Many to come…

First leg was the hardest part of the climb. The road was very steep, weather was hot and there wasn´t any breeze. I was sweating a lot and I had to stop regularly to catch my breath. My heart rate was over 170 bmp. Stopping wasn´t a relief either. There was a lot of wasp´s and other insects flying around me, and I didn´t want to get beaten by one.

When I reached the Village of Alexandros the weather cooled down significantly and riding the bike was easier. Actually I was a little cold at first, because my jersey was all wet.

My second goal was Karia, approx. at the height of 510 metres. Karia is a nice little village, with some restaurants and shops. I stopped there to for some snack and refilled my Camelbak.

From Karia I still had about 600 metres to the top of mountain Stavrota. After Karia the climb was easier. Not that steep, and weather was cooler. Unfortunately I have no pictures from the top, because of restrictions on photography. There was some radar installations and two military barracs (one abandoned). After Karia I saw only one human on my way to the top. A lot of goats and many snakes.

My whole trip was 74 kilometres, of which half was climbing. Top speed was little less than 60 km/h and calory consuption was 3 260. I drank about 4 litres of water during 5 hours of riding.

The machine: Rose Xeon RS (2012)

I´m riding the Rose Xeon RS roadbike. It´s my first road machine and it has proven to be one fast and agile bike.

It´s equipped with Shimano Ultegra Di2 compact drive. Xeon RS is an aluminum frame bike, which is a little odd in this carbon era. But it has proved many critics this year. The bike is very light, only 7,4 kg without pedals. That´s pretty amazing for a aluminium frame bike. Xyrium Elite wheelset is also a top pick for less than 2,4k€ bike.

There has not been any problems with the bike. Only downside is the matt white paintjob. It´s challenging to keep it clean, and you can imagine how it looks after that rainy ride :/

You cannot buy Rose bikes from any dealer. They can only be bought from Rose Bikeworld in Bocholt Germany or from their online-shop. You can by a bike from their list or use online configurator to build your own dreambike. All bikes are made for customers needs, so don´t be afraid to customize your own!

This is the machine I´m going to use for my challenge.