Vätternrundan here I come!

prästgårdcafeVätternrundan is the largest recreational bicycle ride in the world. 300 km (approx 186 miles) long ride takes place in Motala, Sweden. Last year there was 23 307 registered riders from 46 different nations. Skandinavian weather conditions can spice up the event – last year 2 250 riders gave up due to rainfall and cold temperature – in mid summer.

This year Vätternrundan is 14th-15th of June. First riders starts Friday evening at 19.30 and the last start time is at 06.30 Saturday morning. I´ll start early in the Saturday morning at 03.16 am.

I´m travelling to Sweden with a group of Finnish cyclist mostly from Jyväskylä and Keuruu. We´ll take a ferry to Stockholm and then our bus will take us to Motala where we have our accomodation.

My goal is to ride the 300km ride in 10 hours. I don´t know any of the riders I´m travelling with, so I hope there is fit enough riders to form an average speed group targetting to that same time frame.

But then again – I won´t get any brighter medal or a prize if I manage to ride under 10 hours. The most important thing to me is to finish the ride safely. This summers main challenge waits me in South-Tyrol.

If I finish Vätterrundan it will be my longest ride. By this far my longest ride have been approx 190 kilometers, last summer from Helsinki to Turku with a friend of mine.

I´ll try to update my Twitter and Instagram regularly from Sweden – not on a road thou 😀


Happy new year – short summary of the past year!

The year 2012 is almost over and we are all waiting the new year eve´s celebrations. At least I am. I have some champagne in the fridge and a party to go to! Great!

Now it´s a good time to take a look to the past and see what has happened in the year 2012.

There are a couple of sporting highlights I would like to point out. These are no superman things but important for me as a non pro athlete.

My first running event!

My first ever running event was Helsinki City Run 1/2 marathon. I ran the 21 KM in 02h 04 min. I was very happy with my time, since this was my longest run ever!

Giro d´Espoo

I attended to the Giro d´Espoo cycling event in the end of may. I was planning to attend to the average speed group of 30 or 32 km/h but a friend of mine talked me over to join the average speed group of 35 km/h. I made it! My average speed on the 111 km leg was a bit more than 35 km/h!

First triathlon!

Well, it really was not a proper triathlon. 300 meters of swimming, 10 km cycling and 3 km of running. But it was great fun!

Two weeks in the Canaries!

I spent two weeks in the Canaries doing road cycling. You can read more about those weeks from here, here and here.

Summa summarum!

I allways log my training to Heia Heia. It´s very easy to get the total summary of what have I done in the past year. I can get that same info from PPT as well, but as you might remember I was without my HRM for about six weeks this year.

My total summary for the year 2012 is:

  • 193 exercises
  • 266 hours

And they included:

  • Indoor cycling, 77 times
  • BodyPump, 51 times
  • Road cycling, 2 340 km (but I don´t believe this. I think I´m missing 150 – 200 km there)
  • Running, 230 km

Total amount of calories burned: 153492 (+ those six weeks without HRM)

Happy new year everybody!

Gran Canaria on February 2012

Last February I spent one week cycling in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Gran Canaria is well known among cyclist around Europe as a winter training location.

This was my first real holiday on bike but not the last.

Before I started to do cycling I thought that Canaries in winter are only for elderly people and golffers. Well, it is. But there was more to it. As I started to talk with other cyclist in Finland and read discussion boards about winter cycling, I found out that Canaries was an ideal place for my winter holiday.

At the time I didn´t have a roadbike of my own so I needed to rent one. Luckily there is a couple of bike rentals at Play del Ingles to choose from. I asked some advice from a friend of mine who recomended Free Motion for me.

Free Motion turned out to be a very good choice for me. I rented a brand new Cannondale Super Six with Ultegra Di2 and Ksyrium Elite wheelset. That´s the same groupset and wheelset I have on my Rose Xeon RS.

Free Motion has wide range of cycles to choose from. They are in co-operation with Cannondale and all the bikes were new. You can of course rent a mountain bike as well.

Free Motion also arranges pre-scheduled guided tours you can attend to. This is a very good option for a first timer in the Canaries since you really don´t know where to go and how hard each climb is. I bought a package which included bike rent and five quided tours.

Every morning multinational group of cyclists was divided into two groups: fast and even faster. I chose the fast group. I was not the fastest or the slowest climber, but the even faster group would have been too fast for me – I think.

I have booked my next trip to the Canaries in November. I can´t wait to get there again. November in Finland is cold and dark so a week of sun, warmth and cycling is a great spirit lifter!

I´ve set my goal to 2757 meters

I´ve set my goal to 2757 meters. That´s the height of Passo dello Stelvio in Italian alps. This is one of the most legendary mountain passes for the cycling world.

Why Stelvio, why this blog?

I´m not going to keep daily updated training diary/blog. This is going to be more like a journal of my project. Anything to do with achieving my goal: 2757 metres with my road cycle.

Please feel free to comment and give ideas what to blog.