Customer care via Twitter

Today I got very fast customer response from Polar using Twitter. I have to say ttwiit1hat I´m very pleased on fast answers and to a promise that they will pass on my feedback to their product management.

This case just underlines the fact that a global customer brand, like Polar, cannot underestimate the power of social media as a customer feedback and service channel. Social media is fast, interactive and public channel to have a dialog with customers. In my opinion Polar did good today on Twitter.

This whole episode begun earlier today when I noticed Polar´s status update on FB about new features on their RC3 GPS HRM. It has a GPS based altitude data which cannot be found on RCX5.twiit2

I asked on Twitter if they are planning to do a firmware update for RCX5 (using G5 GPS) to get this altitude information available as well. Of course you can find location based altitude data when you upload your trainings to But this really isn´t what I need.

Unfortunately the answer was that an update is not in a pipeline.

As a cyclist I want to get cumulative climb data from each ride, per week, per month, per year etc. This is something RCX5 does not provide.


Third chance to Polar – is this device going to last?

Couple of weeks ago I wrote about problems I have had with my Polar RCX5. I have to say that I was getting very frustrated and really thought that I´ll change my HRM brand.

Polar customer service contacted me and asked me to send Websync`s log file and soft boot my HRM. After soft boot there was no difference on the HRM´s function so Polar sent me another RCX5 to replace the broken one.

The new one works just fine. It paired with my G5 GPS and there is no problems with Websync. I also made new profiles for Bodypump and Spinning and customized my cycling view. So at the moment I´m quite happy with my HRM.

It took about a week from Polar to reply to my message and altogether about two weeks to get the broken RCX5 replaced with another one. This is something I think Polar should be faster in. Two weeks is not a long time but this wasn´t the first time in my case. Within a year I have been without my HRM for about 6-7 weeks.

I give all the points to the customercare representative (Jaana) who was in contact with me. She was very helpful and everything went smoothly after she took my case.

This may sound odd but hopefully I don´t have to contact her again 🙂