Is Apple Watch threatening Polar and Suunto?

Apple Watch was launched yesterday. A friend of mine has been talking about it´s effect on two Finnish companies: Suunto and Polar.

I have written about my challenges with a Polar product here in my blog. Still I want to believe that those products from Finland are something that the sporting world will use in the future.

Today I read a very good blog post about Apple challenging Suunto and Polar with it´s new product. I really hope that this scenario is taken seriously in both of those companies.

Usability is something Apple products have always been good at. I really hope that my next Polar product is going to suprise me with totally new user experience. Something that will keep both Polar and Suunto in the market!


I´ve set my goal to 2757 meters

I´ve set my goal to 2757 meters. That´s the height of Passo dello Stelvio in Italian alps. This is one of the most legendary mountain passes for the cycling world.

Why Stelvio, why this blog?

I´m not going to keep daily updated training diary/blog. This is going to be more like a journal of my project. Anything to do with achieving my goal: 2757 metres with my road cycle.

Please feel free to comment and give ideas what to blog.