Is Apple Watch threatening Polar and Suunto?

Apple Watch was launched yesterday. A friend of mine has been talking about it´s effect on two Finnish companies: Suunto and Polar.

I have written about my challenges with a Polar product here in my blog. Still I want to believe that those products from Finland are something that the sporting world will use in the future.

Today I read a very good blog post about Apple challenging Suunto and Polar with it´s new product. I really hope that this scenario is taken seriously in both of those companies.

Usability is something Apple products have always been good at. I really hope that my next Polar product is going to suprise me with totally new user experience. Something that will keep both Polar and Suunto in the market!


2 thoughts on “Is Apple Watch threatening Polar and Suunto?

  1. Reblogged this on Weakness is not an option and commented:
    It is a good topic but actually apple watch can t be compare with a watch dedicated to sport.
    Suunto polar garmin have an other target even if they are integrating option like direct connection with the smartphone.
    In any case at that time apple watch is not able to use the gps fonction without a smartphone and that is a problem to do sport

  2. Thnx for your reply!

    This is the first Apple Watch and it lacks features You need in sports. I’m sure that Apple has plans to improve the product and that is something Suunto and Polar has to keep in mind.

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