Rides and climbs in the Canaries


Image: Ilkka Järvimäki

I got the altitude data of my rides in the Canaries last November. I decided to blog about the rides and add links to my training data at polarpersonaltrainer.com. There you can find also my routes on a map.

Total leght of my rides was about 450 kilometers and total climb was 8 515 meters.

Here are the rides with a short summary:

First day – Lookout point

This was a test ride to make sure everything was alright with my bike. This lookout point is just outside of Playa de las Ingles and it´s a nice ride to start with.

Second day – The Dam ride and coffee at Soria

Three of us took a morning ride to near by dam. After that we all rode together to the mountain village of Soria.

San Bartholome – st. Lucia

This is a roller coaster ride. Two climbs and from st. Lucia there is a nice long moderata descent back to the coast. This is also the ride I had my first crash with a road bike.

Flat terrain ride

On this day we trained riding in a group and rolling turns and individual interwall training with high and low cadence.

The Summit tour – Pico de las Nieves

You really have to take warm clothes with you to the top. The weather changes rapidly and it can be chilly up there. So take your gilet, raincoat, arm and leg/knee warmers.

Mogan – Tauro Pass

This is the most beutiful climb I have rode in the Canaries. It´s a bit dull ride to Mogan but after that the beutiful climb begins.


Gadget fever is rising!

One should not read any magazines nor follow news about new gadgets. It´s frustrating cause you simply cannot have them all…

Previously I wrote about my problems with Polar HRM and that I regretted that I didn´t choose Garmin Edge 800. I dont´t regret anymore. There are new Garmins in the market. Edge 510 and 810.

New Garmin seems to have new community options. You can share your ride online to your friends, route planning seems to be easy with your smartphone and more.

What is the difference between a boy and a man?

The price tag on their toys 😀

Winter is still here

Week after my training camp in the Canaries my home town Helsinki was covered in snow. First there was a huge snow peak but now the snow level is quite moderate – as well as the temperature.

So what to do in this winter wonderland?

There is a bunch of all-year-round commuters who cycle to and from work every day and in every weather. They have spiked winter tires, wind stopper clothing (warm enough to reach the moon), face covers and bright head lights. I´m not going to cycle now. I´ll wait for the spring.

Cross country skiing is very traditional winter sport in Finland. I have superb opportunities to ski almost from my outdoor since the Central park is only a stone cast away. Still I don´t ski. I think this has something to do with school gym classes where you were obliged to ski.

Jogging in the winter? Yes, you can do that. You can buy a pair of winter joggers with spikes. I don´t have a pair of my own – yet. I think I should buy a pair because running is a good basic training even in the winter time.

I have a indoor trainer I can ride my own bike with. Still I haven´t used it this winter. I think it´s easier to go to spinning class. There you see friends and you have an instructor to keep you going.

So it seems that I´m stucked with BodyPump and spinnig. Quite boring don´t you think? I have to get a pair of winter joggers of my own.