Can´t wait to cycle again!

My training week is now history and I´m waiting to get on a saddle again.

I think that one week in that place (Gran Canaria) is enough, cause otherwise one would only repeat the same rides. They are beutiful thou, but enough is enough.

Total riding distance was about 450 km. Including a lot of climbing, descending and team riding exercises on flat road. Flat means usully that you are climbing or descending some 1,5% – 2,5% all the time.

On the top of Pico de las Nieves

I have to check the total climbing kilometers from a friend of mine since I don´t have an altimeter of my own. The highest point of my training week was Pico de las Nieves which is 1948 meters above the sea level. Total amount of climbing on that ride was 2 450 meters. Here is my training data of that ride.

This week I´m going to rest and do only some recovering exercises. Exercises like eating. Energy consuption levels were high and my training load (according to is at it´s all time peak!

One thing I can recommend to all my fellow riders. ASSOS Chamois Crème.


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