The first crash!

Yesterday it happened. My first crash with a road bike.

I was the first rider of our group descending from the mountain village of st. Lucia (Gran Canaria) to the village of Sardinia.

Surface of the tarmac was very rough and I didn´t see what was coming when the grip of my uninflating front tire gave me a first warning.

Couple of curves after that at a moderate right hand curve I realized that I don´t have any grip in my front wheel. I tried to widen my cornering line as much as I could drifting to the outer edge of the oncoming traffics lane. My speed before the corner was more than 30 km/h.

Somehow I got control of my bike. I still had plenty of speed and I was balancing at the very edge of the tarmac. There was about 10 cm drop to the 40 cm wide gravel area before the rock wall. I dropped my bike on the gravel to slow down my speed. After a couple of meters I came to a total stop hitting the rock wall with my left arm and left side of my head. (Yes, I had my helmet on!) I also crashed my handel bar to the rock wall.

I was very lucky that nothing bad happened. I survived with some minor bruises on my left arm. There is a small dent on my helmet (we checked, threre is no structural damage in the helmet) and couple of scratches on brake levers.

I was also very lucky that there was no oncoming traffic. I don´t know what would happened if there was a car coming up the road at the same time…


2 thoughts on “The first crash!

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