One week of sweat and pain!

Yes, I´m back at the Canaries training for my goal with a group Finnish of cyclists. This is my first training camp with this group. Two of the three instructors are friends of mine and we have had some training together before this camp. It´s wonderful to meet new people with same interest in cycling.

So before I got here I had to back my Rose into my Evoc. Like I told you in my earlier blog post I had to unscrew Di2 battery back to fit the bike inside the bag. That was no big thing.

Actually it was very easy to fit the bike into the bag. I just had to remove the handlebar from the stem and fix it with velcro straps to the frame. Then I removed the pedals and lowered the seat.

There was plenty of room in the bag (and unused weight) so I packed my cycling and running shoes there with almost all of my sporting clothes. Total weight of the bag was 24,4 kg and the allowed maximum is 25 kg. Pretty nice!

We arrived here yesterday. I was at my accommodation about 3 pm. I quickly assembled my Rose and went for a short ride. I climbed about 10km out of the town to the nearest scenery look out place which is 480 meters above the sea level.

First climb is always something special. I was just thinking that I have the whole week of this ahead of me.

Today was the first real training day. We started with morning jog of little less than four kilometers at 7.30 am. After breakfast many in our group went to the Free Motion to get their rental bikes.

Three of us went for a morning ride of 30 km.

At 11.00 am we all gathered together and started our first ride together. Our goal was the village of Soria and total length of the ride was about 70 km. The village of Soria is about 650 meters above the sea level.

Weather has been excellent. Here the Meloneras temperature was above 25 (Celcius) already in the morning. Up in the mountains it was a little colder and cloudy.

On our way back we saw a big group of cyclists coming towards us. It was team Saxo Bank. They are training here at the same time.


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