A normal training week?

What is a normal training week?

Cycling season in Finland is not that long. Of course there are people who cycle throughout the year but I´m not one of them. Cycling is allways a physical training for me and I hardly do any commuting.

This year I drove my road bike in Finland from April to the end of August. I still have one riding week ahead in the Canaries and I´m counting days for my departure.

Short season means that I need some other excercises to keep up my condition. I´m not very keen in going to the gym to do weight lifting etc. Instead of that I do group fitness training and running. Running has always been hard for me. Still I started to run because I needed more variety in my training.

I don´t have an exact training schedule that I follow but from my online diaries in Heia Heia and Polarpersonaltrainer.com I have noticed I usually have two harder weeks followed by an easier one.

I do indoor cycling (spinning) and BodyPump. Usually I take 2-3 indoor cycling classes per week and one or two times BodyPump. That means I usually have 4-5 hours of group fitness exercises per week. On top of that I run once a week. Usually my run is apprx. 11 kilometers and it´ll take me about one hour.

Yesterday I ran 10,6 km in 57 minutes. My average speed was 05:27 min/km, which is rather nice since I wasn´t trying to run particularly fast.

Is this enough training to gain my goal – the very top of the Passo Dello Stelvio? And is there a normal training week for somebody who doesn´t plan his training professionally?

Even without a pre-planned schedule I still have noticed achievement in my physical condition. Maybe I would gain more with a PT but now I´m quite satisfied with my training.

If I´m crazy enough to sign up for a marathon I will hire a PT.


One thought on “A normal training week?

  1. Congratulations on your training! having the discipline to train is something that you should be commended for. It seems in our society today that most individuals choose relaxation over exercise. This really discourages me because it sets a bad example for children. As a youth basketball coach it troubles me when I see one of our athletes struggle to make it through one of our weeklong basketball camps.youth should have positive role models such as yourself. In this way, the tide may start to change. Thank you for your blog entry regarding training. Best successes!

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