The machine: Rose Xeon RS (2012)

I´m riding the Rose Xeon RS roadbike. It´s my first road machine and it has proven to be one fast and agile bike.

It´s equipped with Shimano Ultegra Di2 compact drive. Xeon RS is an aluminum frame bike, which is a little odd in this carbon era. But it has proved many critics this year. The bike is very light, only 7,4 kg without pedals. That´s pretty amazing for a aluminium frame bike. Xyrium Elite wheelset is also a top pick for less than 2,4k€ bike.

There has not been any problems with the bike. Only downside is the matt white paintjob. It´s challenging to keep it clean, and you can imagine how it looks after that rainy ride :/

You cannot buy Rose bikes from any dealer. They can only be bought from Rose Bikeworld in Bocholt Germany or from their online-shop. You can by a bike from their list or use online configurator to build your own dreambike. All bikes are made for customers needs, so don´t be afraid to customize your own!

This is the machine I´m going to use for my challenge.


3 thoughts on “The machine: Rose Xeon RS (2012)

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